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About Inwood Arch Auto Repair NY

Inwood Arch Automotive  NY: Your car is a huge investment and making sure it’s in top shape is important. Inwood Arch NY Automotive specializes in the care of your automobile, making sure it will maximize its life and performance.
Regular car maintenance is crucial in making sure your vehicle is working properly. It is our mission to provide the best services and care, ensuring high-quality work and auto parts.

In the many years, we’ve provided the best services to our valued customers; we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our valuable customers. We make sure our services are the best quality in town. Moreover, our mechanics are trained and experienced in their field of expertise. Thus, you can be sure that your car is in good hands.

General Services We Offer :

Brakes And Brakes Repair
The brakes are probably one of the most important parts of your car. Can you imagine your brakes bogging down in the middle of a trip? In Inwood Arch Automotive, we offer inspection and repair of your brakes and brake pedal. Aside from this, we provide services for your hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder, drum brakes, electronic anti-lock brake sensors and power brake booster disc brakes.

Oil Change :
We believe that prevention is better than repairs. Oil change is one way to reduce the risk of engine damage. This isn’t your standard oil change. We provide preventive maintenance to check, change and clean vital systems of your vehicle.

Exhaust And Mufflers:
Since we believe that clean emissions mean a good running engine, we make sure that your exhaust and mufflers are working well. We take pride in providing the best exhaust and mufflers inspection and repair in town.

Other Services
With years in the industry, we have developed a full spectrum of services from alignment, oil changes and battery replacement, among others. We make sure that everything we do for your car will improve its power, performance, and lifespan.

We Cherish Our Customers
Our clients are valuable to us because, without them, we are not here. We make sure to provide only the best auto services in town. We value our customers because they’re the ones who trust us with their vehicles. In return, we guarantee best services, to make your car running smoothly and perfectly.

100% Satisfaction And Warranty
Our mechanics have years of experience and training when it comes to providing the best services for your vehicle. With years of experience in the auto services industry, Inwood Arch Automotive ny, have always provided nothing but the best for our valued clients. We offer 100% satisfaction and warranty, by making sure your car will be in its top shape. We do not tolerate mediocrity in this industry. Thus, only the best will be provided to ensure your car will run smoothly and perfectly. We make sure your vehicle will perform better, maximizing its value and performance.

About our advantages service

Qualitative car parts

All the auto, brake, engine parts we have in stock were purchased from the most trustworthy dealers and manufacturers.

Seasoned team

When it comes to repair or inspection your car. mechanics or electronics, all our team combined has almost a 20 years of practical experience.


We value the service we provide and our high valued loyal customers can always expect some appreciation from us, since the 1st appointment.

Affordable prices

We aim to make our auto repair as reasonably priced-rate as possible. That’s why we cut all unessential business expenses…

Our Mechanic Team

Karl Landing

General Manager

Karl is the person with the longest mechanical experience when cars are concerned. He’s been fixing Lincolns when you still even weren’t eligible for a driving license!

David Attenborough

Senior car mechanic

David used to be a lieutenant of an engineering squad on the 5th fleet. But since he and his few friends gathered together to found a new business, his passion found home!

Derek Page

Car mechanic

Derek joined our team few years ago and since then he’s been an essential part of it… His expertise in everything car related makes him one of our most valuable workers!

Franklin Pierce

Junior car mechanic

After working at a GM factory in Michigan for a while, Franklin decided that working for a small business and having a direct contact with end customers is more of his cup of…oil.

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